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Tank Shower with a 2000 Liter Tank EXP-MH-14K/2000-POLAR

Main Features

Emergency Polarized Tank Shower incorporating a 2000 liter tank to deliver a guaranteed flow of warm water for over 15 minutes, even when the mains supply has been disrupted.

An integral immersion heater, controlled by the dual safety thermostat, maintains the water in the insulated tank at a constant temperature.

In addition, the Tank Shower is fitted with a double skinned GRP insulated cubicle and double-swing push open doors to give unimpeded access and provide protection from the elements while showering. Windows in the doors enable the casualty to be monitored whilst using the emergency safety equipment in case assistance is required.

Available with either Galvanized Mild Steel or Stainless Steel frames which are designed and built to be Earthquake-proof and conform to the California Building Code 1998 Chapter 16, Division 1.

Can also be provided with an optional space heater for air temperature control inside the booth.

(Shown with optional fittings - see below.)

Cubicle is finished with yellow, white or green GRP outer casing, with self-adhesive pictogram 'Shower' and/or 'Eye wash' signs to ISO 3864-1 and green and white safety stripes.

Technical Data

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