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Modular Polar Cubicle Shower

Main Features

Stainless Steel double skinned insulated frame with white, green or yellow GRP outer casing, designed for outdoor use in exposed freezing conditions. Complete with integral heated and insulated Emergency Safety Shower and drain sump. The Cubicle is fitted with highly visible Shower & Eye wash signs and green & white safety stripes for ease of identification

Push-open doors give unimpeded access and automatically close behind the casualty on entry, providing protection from the elements while showering. Windows in the doors enable the casualty to be monitored whilst using the shower in case assistance is required.

An optional Emergency Safety Shower Water Heater can be connected to the Cubicle to ensure a constant supply of tepid water for the recommended 15 minutes, in line with ANSI, EU and other international standards. A choice of 300 liter (79 US Gallons), 450 liter (119 US Gallons) or 550 liter (145 US Gallons) immersion heated and insulated Water Heaters is available. The water heater is easily connected to the Modular Shower Cubicle with brackets and an internal flexible hose.

Suitable for use in Flameproof and Non-Flameproof areas.

Technical Data

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