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Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower STD-40K

Main Features

The Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower has a capacity of approximately 114 liters and gives a constant flow of water for about 1½ minutes. The specially designed plastic lined cylinder is constantly charged with pressure and only requires the connection of a hose from a water main to fill it ready for use.

Its compact design enables it to be easily stored when not being used. By incorporating a stainless steel frame and large diameter pneumatic tyres, this cylinder can easily be moved and manouvered by one man.

Should it be necessary to move the unit long distances or over uneven surfaces, an ‘A’ frame with towing hitch (optional) can be fitted which enables it to be towed by any vehicle fitted with a standard tow ball. The wheel spacing can also be altered which allows the unit to go through standard door openings; this is particularly important when requiring its use indoors in a laboratory or acid store etc.

(Shown with optional Eye/Facewash Fountain and Optiflex).

As above but trace tape heated and pre-insulated STD-H-40K

Technical Data

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