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Main Features

Ethylene has the capability of lining virtually any fitting, column section, or large diameter pipe section with a broad range of heavy-walled fluoropolymers. Our rugged and seamless liners are designed to meet the rigorous ASTM F423 steam-cold water cycling standard.

Our engineers were given the unrestrained challenge of creating the highest integrity fluoropolymer lined non-standard fittings, column sections and large diameter piping systems. Their only requirement was that our lined equipment outperform the competition in every way. More consistent quality, longer service in the most corrosive enviroments, better looking; simply the highest quality, most flexible lining process worldwide.

We've made significant investments in new processes, new equipment and state-of-the-art quality control equipment. This means you have Ethylene's continuing commitment to meet your toughest and most corrosive requirements

Technical Data

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